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The land of EXODUS

Welcome to Saudi Arabia, home to the captivating Mount Sinai! Embark on a breathtaking journey through the mystic landscapes that surround this renowned biblical site in the ancient land of Midian.. As you venture through this majestic region, you will be amazed by its stunning natural beauty and ancient wonders.
Witness the awe-inspiring and imposing Jebel al-Lawz Mountain Range, believed by many scholars to be the true Mount Sinai. Marvel at its towering peaks, captivating rock formations, and the enchanting Red Sea in the backdrop.

Explore the nearby landmarks, such as altars, rock formations and oases. Discover the fascinating history and cultural significance associated with this iconic location.

Embarking on this incredible adventure, you will have the unique opportunity to decide for yourself if this is indeed the real Mount Sinai. Visit Saudi Arabia and unravel the enigma of one of the most iconic biblical locations in the world.

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