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Our Story

We are the first hybrid tour operator ran by both local and international management to provide trips in the NEOM region, the ancient Midian / Madyan land and beyond. 

Our expertise in tourism, our relationships with the local tribes and our company’s compliance with the Saudi Government and NEOM regulations are complemented by an accumulative experience of over 20 years that our staff has had in the country and Arabian Gulf region. 

Our team speaks English and Arabic, among other languages and we can provide group tours translated into multiple languages. 

Our guides are licensed and experienced in taking groups to the best sites in Saudi Arabia, starting from sites related to the modern NEOM region and moving into older ones like the Hejaz region and its railway, all the way to the Nabateans, Talmudic and Dadanite civilisations and trade routes like the Spice and Incense route, thus covering a large part of the Near and Middle East. 

We are the first local tour operator to have built, promoted and operated tours to the Real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia. 

Desert Paths has been taking hundreds of tourists to the sites related to ancient Midian and the biblical Exodus story and the number of agents and individual tourists that choose us is only growing every season, making us the number one choice for those wanting to embark on this journey – Walk in Moses’ Footsteps. 

We offer in depth descriptions of the sites and their historical significance

We comply with local authorities emergency and security regulations. 


To Reimagine Outbound and Inbound Worldwide Tourism Industry. 


To take tourists on a journey, on millennia-old desert paths, while making friends, learning new skills and visiting unique sites.


Our Values


Care for travelers from arrival to departure
Benefit the local people and businesses
Offer trained and certified local tour guides
Respect the local customs


Protect heritage sites
Operate environment-friendly journeys
Raise awareness of heritage sites
Cooperate to develop the Saudi Tourism Industry


Deliver authentic experiences
Create unique journeys
Offer fair prices
Walk in traveler’s shoes

We look forward to welcoming you into one of the lands and help you embark one of our new journeys, on old paths – only with Desert Paths.

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