Desert Paths

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new journeys on old paths

Desert Paths

is leading the way in revolutionizing modern tourism in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

is offering new experiences, customized travel options, and unparalleled local knowledge.

is immersing travelers in the enchanting Land of Arabia, so they can witness history come to life and engage with the vibrant local culture.

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Journeys in Saudi Arabia

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Journeys in Saudi Arabia

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Experience the desert at every step you take.


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Spoil yourself in unforgettable ways.

Our Promise


Care for travelers from arrival to departure
Benefit the local people and businesses
Offer trained and certified local tour guides
Respect the local customs


Protect heritage sites
Operate environment-friendly journeys
Raise awareness of heritage sites
Cooperate to develop the Saudi Tourism Industry


Deliver authentic experiences
Create unique journeys
Offer fair prices
Walk in traveler’s shoes

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