Desert Paths

Desert Paths NEOM Mount Sinai Saudi Arabia SPlit Rock Hejaz Hijaz Incense Frankincense Al Ula

The Land of NEOM

Discover the mesmerizing natural beauty of NEOM, an upcoming destination that promises breathtaking experiences. Nestled along the Red Sea coast, NEOM offers pristine beaches, towering mountains, and stunning desert landscapes. But that’s not all! Be prepared to witness the future of urban living as NEOM unveils its visionary cities and ambitious projects, including sustainable energy initiatives and cutting-edge technology. Immerse yourself in the wonders of NEOM and be part of its extraordinary journey towards a more sustainable and innovative future, all in this land of NEOM. 

The Land of EXODUS

Are you ready to for a journey of exploration and discovery? Come witness the breathtaking landscapes and mysterious monuments that fill the iconic land of Midian. Experience the aura of spirituality as you climb where Moses is believed to have ascended. Engage in a captivating debate – Is this the real Mount Sinai or not? Explore its beauty and decide for yourself. Join us on an adventure that will challenge your beliefs and leave you in awe of the wonders of the ancient world and its land of Prophets.

The Land of NABATEA

Learn about the fascinating Nabatean civilization that spans across Saudi Arabia and Jordan! Venture into the ancient cities, carved into striking red rock, and marvel at its iconic treasury. Immerse yourself in the mystical landscapes of the red sands, where Lawrence of Arabia roamed. Wander through the well-preserved tombs and witness the rich history of this mysterious culture. Prepare for an awe-inspiring journey, where ancient wonders and enchanting tales await you in the land of the Nabateans.

The Land of HEJAZ

Come explore the captivating Hejaz Railway, a historic marvel that once transported countless individuals from Damascus to Medina. Embark on a dynamic journey as you traverse the stunning landscapes of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and architectural wonders along the way. From ancient ruins to vibrant markets, this railway will transport you through time. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the grandeur of the Hejaz Railway, a testament to human ingenuity and the region’s vibrant history.

The Land of INCENSE

Enter into the land where the aromatic treasure, frankincense, once traversed from the southern Arabian Peninsula to the corners of the globe. Immerse yourself in the rich history and enchanting landscapes that bear witness to this ancient trade route. Experience the vibrant cultures, explore towering mountains, and surrender to the allure of the mystical fragrances that continue to captivate hearts. Join us in discovering an extraordinary tale of the incense that once bridged worlds and relish the opportunity to trace its captivating legacy firsthand, all here in the land of Frankincense

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